The Field of the Cloth of Silver
Bryn Gwlad’s 25th Anniversary
Ansteorran King’s Lancer Tournament
October 29 – 31, 2004

Baron Thomas invites all to enjoy the beautiful pageantry of Bryn Gwlad's Cloth of Silver anniversary celebration! Visit our medieval village of Castleton with its fine streets and buildings, our many taverns, and our new theater! There will be a morning Grand Procession of all those competing for honour, while music fills the air! The day will be feature great tournaments, competitions of skill, and an exhibition museum of our history. The evening will be filled with fine feasting, a royal court, and bardic performances.

picture of caparisoned rider
Activities for the event:

pair of joustersDetails of Competition:

Five champions will be chosen at this event: Chivalric, Rapier, Archer, Equestrian, and Bard.

Each combatants' progress on each Championship tournament field will be tracked by the use of honour shields. These shields should be painted with your registered arms. If you have an honour shield, please bring it to your competition. If you do not have one, the dimensions of each shield are 6" x 9" with a hole in the top so they can be hung from a hook. If you do not have the resources to provide your own, you will have the opportunity to paint your own onsite.

Those who wish to compete for these honours must send a Letter of Intent to Baron Thomas and received before the Battle of Hastings (October 14th). These letters may be on paper, parchment, leather, wood, stone, or electronic, and should provide your Society name, any titles you may have, which tournaments you wish to enter, and any other information about your lineage, accomplishments, and/or quests you wish to proclaim. Special prizes may be awarded for the best Letters of Intent received! See examples of the text of some Letters of Intent previously sent to the baron.

All those competing for honour are also asked to march in Grand Procession to be held on Saturday morning before the tournaments begin. Banners and honour shields are requested, personal heralds are encouraged.

Chivalric and Equestrian competitors should display their finest crests....see the BIG picture here
Rapier competitors should display their best cloaks.
Archery competitors should display their finest equipment.
Bards should dress to compliment their performances.

There will be 3 competitions within each tournament, and champions will be chosen from among the victors of these competitions. Skill at arms is important, however our champions must also inspire others. Can they express themselves well, or at least choose someone to write and speak well for them? Do they strive to look their best upon the field? Do they yield advantages, or use those advantages to gain victory? Do they honour their opponents? How do they pay homage to those whose inspire them?

Please see each tournament description to learn how to best prepare for them.

Bring your most festive pavilions to grace our tournament fields and inspire our competitors. Remember the Baron is sponsoring a contest for decorated pavilions. So be sure to reserve a list side space for your pavilion.

See the sites before you come to town! Here are some pictures from town and a map of the site. Also be sure to note the location of the beautiful new Curtain Theatre, the only permanent theater in Ansteorra. Evening court and the bardic competition will take place in The Curtain.

Culinary Delights:
Experience a unique opportunity to sample the offerings from Bryn Gwlad’s finest taverns. Enjoy exotic Andalusian treats, a delectable Roman repast, zesty offerings from the Italian city-states, the finest roast duck from Alsace and visit our new public house to catch up with old friends and make some new ones! You may pay for your lunch or dinner at the Gate. Click here for more information on the taverns.

lancer on horseback King’s Lancer!

In addition, by request of their Royal Majesties, HE Thomas proudly invites all Equestrian Competitors to join in contending for the honour to be Ansteorra’s next King’s Lancer ! Come prepared to challenge Ansteorra’s past King’s Lancers by displaying your equestrian skills at the quintain, rings, heads and obstacles. Additional details to follow.

We intend this celebration to be a departure from past events, so please regularly visit our website for additional, detailed information.

Site Details
Site fee: Adults - $10, Children 5 to 17 - $7, Children under 5 – free, Family max - $30
List field reservations for period style pavilions, only, required by 10/16/04. Reserve your space.
Merchants are greatly encouraged to attend! Please contact the Master Steward before the event for details.
Site opens at 3p on Friday 10/29/04 and closes at 12n on Sunday 10/31/04. Click here for directions and maps to the site.

We will be introducing the Coinage of Castleton at Bryn Gwlad Baronial Champion!

ACCEPS gif We are now accepting reservation payments via credit card only through the ACCEPS System! Be sure to reserve your Toasted Duck Dinner or to just be prepared by prepaying for your all of your meals.

You may contact your gracious hosts through:

Master Steward
Eule von Haginbald
(Steve Hemphill)
Chretien d’Aille
(Dawn Allee-Hemphill)

Letters of Intent:
The Barony of Bryn Gwlad/BG25
PO Box -
Austin, TX 78714
or email:

“The Fine Print”
Please make checks payable to SCA Inc., Barony of Bryn Gwlad. Minors under the age of 18 may attend with an adult and a signed and notarized copy of the minor event waiver form. The site is wet in period containers only. Pets are allowed with current rabies paperwork and leash. Horses must have proof of a negative Coggins test. No ground fires. Merchants will need to contact the Stewards for additional information.